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Krista Miller - Veterinarian

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

Meet Krista Miller

Veterinarian, Animal Doctor

Krista Miller planned to become a nurse in kindergarten. But on career day she was upset. Every girl wanted to be a nurse. Back then girls didn’t see different career choices. That was especially true in Krista’s low-income, mostly-Black neighborhood.

It got her thinking. What did she really love to do? The answer was easy. She loved to take care of her pet cats, dogs, rabbits, turtles, and even a pet squirrel. Her mom told her veterinarians are animal doctors. Krista changed her plans that day. She wanted to be a vet.

In high school she planned to go to Tuskegee University. But Krista was a good musician. Alcorn State University offered her a full scholarship. They would pay for all of her college education if she would play in the band. She changed her plans and went to Alcorn. It’s good to be flexible.

Veterinarian  tools
Some of the tools veterinarians use

After college, Krista planned to do Vet School at Tuskegee. Instead, her advisor suggested Mississippi State University. It was a mostly- White school. That wasn’t part of her plan. She would be the only Black person in most of her classes. Krista accepted the challenge. It forced her to learn about herself and her own culture. She learned the importance of how her piece of the puzzle fit into a new culture. She got to see the world from both sides. Because of that, she says she can speak with confidence to and reach anyone on any level and across cultures.

Clip of Krista expalining pet care in a Dope Black Vet video.
Dope Black Vet videos teach pet care

Krista planned to be a hometown vet for her African American community in the South. Instead, her husband’s work took her to California. It took several tries for her to pass the California test for vets. During that time, she taught at a local tech college. She worked at a pet wellness clinic. She learned that she loved teaching and wellness. Krista says, “These seeds of change, discouragement, and flexibility all pushed me to build a platform of hope and education for pets and people alike!” Check out her videos at Dope Black Vets on YouTube.

The best advice Krista can give to students is, “Don’t forget to dream big. You can achieve your dreams. Be flexible!” The best advice Krista ever got was from her mom. “Go with the flow, roll with the punches, duck when you have to, and hang on like Snoopy.”

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Pet Photo: This Photo is licensed under CC BY-ND

Vet Tools Photo: This Photo is licensed under CC BY-SA-NC

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