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Sheri Breanne Lopez: Drawing and Designing with Computers

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

Meet Sheri Breanne Lopez

Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) technician,

Sandia National Labs

Her Work: Making shapes on a screen that turn into things we use in real life

Your television, your couch, and your home were probably drawn and designed by someone like Sheri Breanne Lopez. She is a Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) technician.

Scientists or engineers are Sheri’s clients. They have an idea of something they want to build. She uses CAD software to make 2D and 3D designs of the project. It takes some higher math skills, a good deal of geometry, and a lot of artistic thinking. And you have to follow the rules. All the parts must fit together when it is finally produced.

"It’s a sweet job. You make enough money to live. You can travel on your paid vacations. You can live well while you’re young.”

CAD drawing Sheri made for our website

Sheri says she has been a nerd her whole life. She forced the kids in her neighborhood to learn math and science all summer. When her father gave her a screwdriver, she took apart all the small electronics in their home. Then came the challenge of putting them back together so they worked.

CAD Design Sheri made for our website.

Sheri aced her high school math and science classes. But she faced cultural challenges. People in her small community had low expectations for women. They praised her for the mariachi music she made. They praised her poetry. They said she could write the Great Native American novel. Her winding path through college took her to English, then Psychology, then Anthropology. But nobody expected her to succeed in a technical field of work.

Finally, her father pushed her towards engineering. It takes only two years to get a Pre-Engineering degree at a community college. From there you can make $60,000 per year as a CADD tech at a science laboratory. It’s a sweet job. You make enough money to live. You can travel on your paid vacations. You can live well while you’re young. And many employers will pay you to finish a bachelors’ degree if you want to do that. She took that path and found good work that she feels passionate about.

Now Sheri tells young people from other small, poor communities like hers to become a CADD tech. You can have a good job and a good life while you walk your winding career path. And you never know where that path will take you.

Photo Credits: Sheri Breanne Lopez

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children & teens.


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. . . visit these websites to see CAD at work.


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